November 9, 2010

Simmons remains impressed with SU

Donnie Simmons is one of the more versatile defensive ends in the northeast. Not only can the prospect play great at his defensive end spot, but he can be used in other spots because of his speed.

The speed Simmons has was showcased just a few games ago. The speedy defensive line prospect that also returns kicks for his team took a return all the way back for a touchdown. It is that kind of versatility that makes Simmons such a weapon in his mind.

"It just makes me more of a weapon, I can do more than just play defense. I can do a lot of things to give a spark to the team. It is just me being a weapon and being able to do more things."

Besides returning kicks Simmons is enjoying a solid season and looking for some big wins in the playoffs.

"The season is going pretty well now and we are just looking forward to the playoffs and going to a championship. Individually I think I am doing what I have to do and fitting into the schemes in the defense that we run."

His current team is doing well and so is his future team. The fact that his college team is doing so well has him excited.

"Oh my gosh Syracuse is putting in work they are doing a great job. They are beating good teams and putting themselves back on the map. "Honestly coming into the season I wished the best for them. I thought they would do well, but not this well. It is a good feeling to know that your college is doing real well right now."

For Simmons the recruiting process remains over for him, but that does not mean he has taken a break from recruiting.

"Ever since I picked Syracuse everything in recruiting has shut down," Simmons stated "I have recently been talking to Al Page and I have been trying to get him to come to Syracuse. He is a good player and a good friend he is a real good person."

Does Simmons think Page will flip?

"He is not really sure about it right now, but I continue to talk with him about it."

As Simmons enjoys being on a road to a championship he also feels his new school will finish their season strong.

"I think they are going to finish the season exceptionally well. I can guarantee that they are going to make a bowl game and they will do really well in the bowl game. We will see what happens."

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