December 19, 2010

Diabate talks Syracuse verbal

With holes at linebacker Syracuse made a move for Siriki Diabate a JUCO All-American who can help the team out in a big way. For the prospect when it came down to picking the Orange it was all about feeling comfortable.

"I felt comfortable with the situation, comfortable on campus, and coming into a winning program. I am coming from a winning program and I feel like I can make a lot of changes to help out the team. I also like the chance to compete for a job, it does not get better than that," Diabate said. "Coach Marrone is an alumni from my high school and Coach Anselmo was at Nassau to go along with a few of my former teammates. I just felt comfortable at Syracuse and at the end of the day that is what it is all about

Diabate, 6-foot-1, 220 pounds enjoyed feeling comfortable, but there were a few other items that caught his eye.

"I like all of the buildings, but I really liked the school because if you get a degree from Syracuse you will have a lot of doors open for you. The football is great as well and I have a chance to come in and make a name for myself."

The thought of giving Syracuse a verbal this weekend was on the Ivory Coast natives mind, but it was not until night one of his official visit that he knew Syracuse was where he wanted to be.

"My defining moment was actually when I got back to the hotel the first night. I was thinking about it and I looked out the window. When I was looking out the window I just felt like this was the place that I needed to go. Once I had that moment I had the thought in my mind the next day and I knew that was place for me," Diabate stated. "I think Syracuse and I are going to have a great relationship. I met some players and they are good people. I wish I met more people, but it is time for a break. I think everything with them is good."

On the visit Diabate was hosted by his former teammate Olando Fisher. On this occasion Fisher had a big assist in this recruitment.

"Olando Fischer was my host. It was cool because we are good friends and we didn't have any awkward moments. He knew everything well and he did a great job showing me around and convincing me to come to Syracuse."
Since he has played football middle linebacker is where Diabate has lined up at Syracuse that may be the case and it may not.

"I will be playing linebacker, the SAM or Mike. I am more comfortable playing the Mike. They want me to come in and work the best I can and compete for a spot."

In January Diabate will enroll in Syracuse and have three years to play two football seasons.

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