March 1, 2011

Hokies offer junior day visitor

Following junior day in Blacksburg on Saturday, one of Virginia Tech's visiting recruits landed a scholarship from the school on Monday afternoon. The prospect sat down with to discuss the visit and his offer.

"I got an offer from Virginia Tech," Roanoke (Va.) Northside 2012 tight end Dakota Jackson said. "They called Coach Torrence at about 1:30 and told him. I called Coach Stinespring back and he said they answered the question they had about me last time they saw me that was the weight issue. They could tell when I was up there I had the good pounds I needed, I looked good, not fat, I had good muscle weight."

The 6-foot-4, 245-pounder chatted with Coach Stinespring more.

"He was just going over everything, saying how they want me up there to play for them, he thinks I'm a great football player and a great kid, I'm a well-rounded athlete, that sort of stuff," he said.

It's obviously the first offer for Jackson and it came as quite a shock.

"It came sooner than I expected it would," he said. "I wasn't expecting that when I was walking into the office today. It's great."

So where does that put Tech now for Jackson?

"It puts it in perspective, not only that they are extending out an offer and asking me to play, but they are the first ones to do it," he said. "It puts them higher on the board since others haven't offered yet."

Jackson is a bit unsure about a decision at this time.

"I'm not deciding at the moment," he said. "I'm going to talk it over and make sure everything is right, I'll probably do this spring sometime."

Meanwhile, the offer was just the icing on the cake from a busy few days for Jackson who spent all of Saturday in Blacksburg and attended the basketball victory over Duke.

"The visit was really good, I liked the tour, they showed us all the academic support stuff, I knew that was there in Lane Stadium," he said. "I was impressed that everything was state of the art in the locker room, they have the biggest locker room in NCAA with therapeutic spas, a new lounge, that thing was sweet, everything up there was brand new."

Jackson got even more time with Stinespring over the weekend.

"Since I was the only tight end up there, I went with Coach Stinespring individually for a position meeting and we just talked for 20 or 30 minutes, he cleared a lot up."

In terms of the basketball game, Jackson was impressed too.

"When we got there we went to College GameDay, that was pretty wild," he said. "I had never seen one of those for basketball.

"Then, the game was a nail biter. It was probably one of the loudest stadiums I've been to it was rocking. Everybody knows the football games are sold out and packed, but to see basketball sold out and signs everywhere around there, the support is not just for one sport, they have a really good fan base up there."

Jackson is eyeing a few visits including Virginia on April 2nd, Maryland for a spring practice and Virginia Tech likely for the Spring Game.

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