July 16, 2012

Elijah St. Hilaire can't wait to get started at Army

When Army commit Elijah St. Hilaire out Palisades Park (N.J.) arrives on the West Point campus this upcoming Sunday, he would have just coming been coming off of celebrating his 18th birthday.

The Rivals.com 3-star prospect who's initial stop will be the USMAPS, is more than ready to kick off his Army football career. However, like most incoming freshmen and/or prepsters, there still is that level of anxiety that is hard to escape.

"I'm very excited to get to West Point, but there's the anxious feeling as well ... I'm very anxious," declares St. Hilaire. "Even though I live just 40 minutes away from West Point, which is good ... but, I'm looking forward to actually going out and being on my own and transitioning from where I am now to no longer being a civilian to a man."

St. Hilaire and the rest of his future teammates have been keeping a close out on their fellow comrades who have already made their way to West Point via the direct route or from the 2011 USMAPS graduating class.

"I was following the guys that went direct and then on GoBlackKnights.com I saw the guys from the initial barbecue at Coach Ellerson's home," says St. Hilaire, who has developed a bond with players on both sides of the coin. "I reach out and congratulated them and everything and told them we will see them there next year."

The always interactive St. Hilaire has also stayed in contact with the prep school coaching staff and offered this update. "I spoke to Coach Simi just the other day," he adds. "In the group (incoming class), a lot of guys have been asking about R-Day since it's coming up so soon. They're all asking the questions about what to bring ... civilian stuff, but also about the BBQ."

"But I also talked to Coach Simi about a month ago about where they saw me playing. I will probably being playing slotback, but he said wherever Coach Ellerson wants to put me is usually where I will be playing. But he said either slotback or wide receiver, but I see myself at slotback versus just receiving."

The 5-foot-10, 183 pounder, knows that the Black Knights have recruited some very qualified players across the board, but is more than open to the challenge. "I think have a lot of talented guys, lots of competition so I would like to see myself at slotback," he says.

"In high school he played quarterback, running back and receiver, whereby during his junior campaign, St. Hilaire came close to breaking the 1,000 threshold and senior year he was moved to running back where he rushed for 1,000 yards.

But rest assured that the multi-positional athlete is not taking anything for granted as noted by his preparation regime. "I've been training me with my former high school coaching staff and 5am in the morning I'm doing my pre R-Day stuff and going for a 5 mile run across the George Washington Bridge," declares St. Hilaire.

With a couple of extra steps, the New York native could end up on the West Point campus ... well actually, he is very close to the Palisades Parkway, which is a directly route to his future college dwelling place.

"I'm right there, where I'm able to run across the bridge and come back. The Palisades is two minutes away from here and just drive straight up and I'm there. My mom actually got lost the other day and we ended up at West Point."

Needless to say, the incoming class of prepsters have already established a bond that they will come to realize will transcend over the next 5 years and even a lifetime for many.

"We talk everyday and now there's a USMAPS Class of 2013 site that just opened up, so not only football players but every person that is going there from recent military guys, track team ... everybody is on there and we have been talking," says St. Hilaire.

Speaking of track, St. Hilaire was quick to point out how impressed he was with Army being able to pull in the likes of trackster, Abraham Hall. "Oh yeah, I read about him," chuckles St. Hilaire.

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