November 17, 2008

Commitments talk about Robinson being fired

Greg Robinson, his staff, and players are not the only ones impacted by this new, but so re the prospects who already picked to attend Syracuse University. CuseConfidential caught up with the Orange commitments to see how they feel about this news.

Alec Lemon

Lemon's reaction:

"I am not going to change my decision on committing to Syracuse. Going into committing to Syracuse we had the idea that coaches do not stay with a school for a long time and I understood that. Then o heard talk about Coach Robinson being fired, so I was kind of prepared if he was. I am still going to stay with Syracuse.

What Lemon would like to see from the next coach:

"I would like a coach that would run the spread, so we could throw the ball a lot because I like catching the ball and making plays and all that.. I don't know if I have a say in it, but that is the kind of coach I would like."

Justin Pugh

Pugh's reaction:

"I thought he was a pretty good coach I met him and he was the guy who brought me in and liked me a lot, so I am kind of bummed to see him go. I kind of new it was going to happen, but it is not really a surprise. I do not know what is going to happen, so I will have to talk with Coach Earley."

Pugh's status as a commitment:

"I am still verbally committed. I want to talk with the coaches they bring in. I want to make sure that I feel the same way I felt with Coach Robinson and the staff they have now."

Pugh's idea for the next coach:

"I would say that they need to bring in a coach that will help turn the program around maybe a guy that is from the area who has ties to Syracuse that can help in recruiting because that is a major part of football is the recruiting process."

Andrew Phillips

Phillips reaction:

"I think that it is disappointing I liked Coach Robinson a lot. He was a very good guy to me and I just liked what he was doing with the program, they were turning it around."

Phillips commitment status:

"This will not change my commitment."

What Phillips would like to see from the next coach:

"Somebody that will be able to bring Syracuse back to where they used to be."

Leavander Jones

Jones reaction:

"That is going change if I stay or not. That was part of the reason that I chose Syracuse, because I loved the coaching staff and they treated me like family That will definitely effect my decision on where I attend college next year."

Jones commitment status:

"Depending on what they do with the coaching staff it will probably remain a soft verbal, but knowing that Coach Robinson will not be there makes it a softer verbal."

What Jones would like to see from the new coach:

"I am not sure. Somebody who treated me as well as Coach Robinson did and treat me as part of the family."

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