Hudson picks Orange

Last week Cordell Hudson took his visit to Syracuse and he was close to given the Orange a commitment. Instead of doing that he went on one more visit.
This is how close the three star prospect was to making the call last weekend.
"I am feeling very confident about Syracuse. I wanted to make a decision on the trip, but my Mom wants me to wait and weigh all of my options. I am going to go home and talk to her and I am pretty sure I will take my other trip to Rutgers."
Now with that visit to Rutgers over the commitment is in.
This is what Hudson had to say on his Twitter.
"Proud to say that I have made my commitment to play at Syracuse University!!!"
Syracuse quarterbacks coach Tim Lester has been recruiting Hudson for the Orange and he told about his relationship with Lester.
"I have been talking with Coach Lester. He is a very funny dude. He is down to earth and he isn't one of those coaches that will talk your ear off he takes the time to break things down and answer questions, he is very down to earth."
The Orange have been going hard after defensive backs all year and Hudson is the third to join. Lamar Dawson and Rodney Williams are the other two Orange secondary prospects.