Syracuse decides against 7-on-7

For the past two years, football fans in Syracuse have been treated to a summer 7-on-7 passing tournament on campus one month before the college football season kicked off.
Some solid prospects visisted Syracuse during that time, including current Orange players Cody Catalina, Max Suter, and Marcus Sales. The event also brought in other top flight players like Mike Paulus (North Carolina}, Nick Sukay (Penn State), and Chris Hayden-Martin (Boston College)
Syracuse has decided not to have the event this summer though, which raises a debate about the best way for the Orange coaching staff to promote the Syracuse campus.
Syracuse coaches felt that it would be better for their recruiting efforts to focus their summer attention on other camps and face-to-face interactions instead of having the 7-on-7 event at the school.
This approach has its ups and downs, but with only a limited amount of time to have interaction with prospects it might be best for the Orange.
One big pro for the Orange staff is that they will be able to take more time to concentrate on the players they know they want rather than scouring the 7-on-7 tournament looking for new targets.
The biggest drawback to canceling the event is the Orange will not have a chance to get kids on campus to look around and see what Syracuse has to offer.
Syracuse has done its best recruiting once it has been able to get prospects on campus to give them a chance to meet current players and see the campus environment.
Even though the Orange will not be hosting the 7-on-7 this summer, the event could resurface in the future after the staff evaluates the pros and cons.
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