By the numbers: SU in the weight room

The preparation that a football player puts in off the field is almost as important as what he does on the field.
Many fans do not get a good look at what happens behind the scenes as college football players put in countless hours preparing their bodies for the season. decided to find out what kind of work is being done in the Syracuse weight room.
Will Hicks is the Orange athletics director for athletic performance. As spring practice comes to a close, Hicks spoke about the top weight lifters for each position.
Syracuse in the weight room
Defensive backs
"In the defensive backs, which is corners and safeties, Max Suter is a safety and he's got the top clean with 297. Randy McKinnon is a safety and he's got the top bench with 460. Suter has the top number of reps on the bench, with 225, like they do at the combine, and he has 27."
"Derrell Smith has the top clean, 341. Ryan Gillum has the top bench with 425. Shane Kimmel has the most number of reps, at 225, with 25."
Defensive line
"Jared Kimmel is the strongest clean, 385. Bud Tribbey has the strongest bench, 455. Jared Kimmel has the most number of reps with 225, at 27."
"Andrew Robinson did set a clean record at 308 when he was a quarterback, but now he's a tight end. So the top quarterback clean is Ryan Nassib at 275. Top quarterback bench is Nassib at 345. Reps at 225, Nassib with 15."
Running backs
"For running backs, the top clean is Dan Collier, a fullback at 325. Top bench is Delone Carter at 405. The top reps on the bench is tied between Collier and Carter with 23."
Tight ends
" At tight end, the top clean is Nick Provo with 331. There's three guys tied with the top on the bench, Cutler, Owen, and Tom Trendowski at 375. The top number of reps on the bench is Trendowski with 23."
Wide receivers
"The top wide receiver in the clean is Lavar Lobdell at 297. Top bench is Daniel Bailey with 335. Top number of reps is Daniel Bailey, at 17."
Offensive line
"Among offensive linemen, the top clean is Ryan Bartholomew at 352. Top bench is Ryan Bartholomew at 475, and top number of reps is Ryan Bartholomew with 26."