Chew chomping to play

Last week Syracuse received twenty six signatures saying that they will play college football for the Orange and one of those players was Centreville wide receiver Van Chew. The 6-foot-0, 150-pounder had a solid senior season as he totaled 20 touchdowns, 500 yards passing, 300 yards receiving, and 300 yards rushing.
Signing a letter of intent has been one of the more relaxing time for a high school athlete who is heading into college because after they sign they can usually return to just a student and relax. This situation holds true for the future Orange wide receiver.
"Yes, because now I have a college that I am going to and now that I have this out of the way I can focus more on school."

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Chew will try to be on campus for the spring game and then he will try to get to campus early so he can start his preparation for the season.
"I am going to try to make it up for the spring game and I am trying to get up there early around July 5, so I can go to the weight room and go into summer school so I can start early."
The new signee from Virginia has heard that college life is easier than high school life and he is looking forward to being on his own as well as playing football.
"I am looking forward to basically football and how it is going to be and like the atmosphere and the change from high school to college because I have heard that college is a lot more fun than high school."
Why did Chew pick the Orange, was it because of the people he already knew at the school, football, or was it the great education.
"I picked Syracuse because of the campus it was like so nice and all the people there are into football. People from Centerville and around my area that I know that are up there told me a lot of good things about Syracuse." He said "[The] most important factor for me was basically the education."
While at Syracuse Chew wants to major in psychology or sociology.
The future of the program is still in question but many of this years recruits are looking at it in a positive manor seeing nothing but success and Chew is no different. He knows that they are in a rebuilding process and is impressed with what they have still been able to accomplish.
"I watched all their games this year and most of their games were close and they are still rebuilding and I think when I get there and the rest of my class I think we will do real good in the Big East."
He also added his views on what he saw from the play of the Orange last season.
"I liked the kind of defense they played and how aggressive they were and what their skill positions and like how all of their wide receivers were running real good routes. They were making it down the field but they had a few mistakes that would cost them the game."
It only took one game into his junior season for someone to say that his future in football would lead him to play in college.
"Last year during my junior year I made this long run in the first game and my coach was like that run is going to get you a division one scholarship."
Being on his own in a new city will bring some changes like parents and friends not being able to drive him around anymore and being with out the number three on his football jersey. For Chew however he is ready for a new number and to drive on his own.
"I would say probably driving on my own now not relying on my parents to give me rides or any other people [will be a big change]." Chew also added "I want to wear number three but I know that is not going to be able to happen. I will try to get a number in the high eighties or something."
Like a whole bunch of his new teammates Chew adds to the list that is looking to play Rutgers. Some players have a chip on their shoulder but Chew wants to play them for another reason.
"I am looking forward to the West Virginia and Rutgers games because they are real good right now and I want to see in person how good they really are."
What kind of player can the fans in Syracuse expect to see of him when he is on the field?
"I want them to know that they are going to get player that will not give up. I will make plays for them."